Who we are

Just Wheels UK is a charity registered in Scotland (SC047294) with a board of 8 dedicated, skilled individuals, chaired by Dr Muriel Dunbar. We have been working since 2017 to support mobility-impaired people in the Tabora region of Tanzania. Part of this journey has been establishing our partner organisation, Just Wheels Tanzania, which registered as a Foundation in 2019 and re-registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in 202119. Just Wheels Tanzania has a board of 8 also and is chaired by Father Andrew Mlele. Just Wheels Tanzania is responsible for delivering all our projects and programmes.

Meet the team

Emma Burtles

Emma Burtles


Just Wheels was started by Emma Burtles. Emma is based in Scotland but has worked in Tanzania. She has been involved in supporting a wheelchair workshop there for over 25 years and has a deep understanding of the importance of that work. Coincidentally she now has a disabled son who uses a wheelchair, which made Emma even more aware of the importance of a good-quality, well-fitted set of wheels to enable a person with disabilities to participate in society.

Francis Emmanuel

Francis Emmanuel

Project Manager

Francis Emmanuel is a Physiotherapist working for the Tanzanian government and now working also for Just Wheels.  He trained in Dar Es Salaam and has a lot of experience working with people with physical disabilities.  He has done various courses specialising in the fitting of wheelchairs and in the support of wheelchair users and their families.

He has been working with Just Wheels for a year, helping to develop the organisation in Tanzania including working on systems and financial management, networking and creating good partnerships.

Edwin Kalukwella

Edwin Kalukwella

Wheelchair Technician

Edwin has been disabled since he had polio as a child.  He feels lucky that he was chosen to be taught welding when he was 20 years old as so many disabled people are not given such opportunities.  He then went on to learn how to fit and make wheelchairs, undertaking a variety of courses including a 6 month course in the UK and many courses in Tanzania.  He is highly skilled and makes wheelchairs of a very hight standard.  He works with many organisations that support people with disabilities.

Just Wheels UK Board

Chair Dr Muriel Dunbar International Development Consultant
Vice-Chair Brian Wade IT and Business Consultant
Treasurer Cath Brookes Finance Manager
Trustee/Safeguarding Officer Alessandro Girardango Social Worker
Trustee Annemarie Graepel Paediatric Physiotherapist
Trustee Kate Watson Education Specialist
Trustee Lorna Renwick Health Specialist
Trustee Frederick Longino Social Worker
Trustee Kevin Bradley Lawyer and Governance Specialist
Special Advisor Professor Melissa Gladstone Paediatric Consultant

Just Wheels UK 

Just Wheels Manager Emma Burtles
Marketing and Communications Ellen Wilson

Just Wheels Tanzania Board/Staff

Chair of Board Father Andrew Mlele
JW Tanzania Manager Francis Itoma
Wheelchair Technician Edwin Kalukwella