Just Wheels is going to be part of a fundraising/ reunion weekend later in the year.  Health Projects Abroad was a UK based charity that worked in Tabaora in Tanzania supporting health infrastructure development using UK based volunteers.

The founder of Just Wheels, Emma Burtles, worked for HPA in the mid nineties in Tabora and it is during this time that she got to know Edwin Kalukwella, a wheelchair technician from Tabora.  Roll on 20 years and we now have Just Wheels, working with Edwin to make wheelchairs and provide support to people with physical disabilities in Tabora.

Emma, and 2 other ex HPA staff, Michila Critchley and Rachel Thompson, are organising the HPA reunion which will be in the beautiful Peak District (near Thornbridge, Derbyshire) on 21st/22nd September 2019.  We hope the reunion will raise some much needed funds for Just Wheels and for wheelchairs.  More information to follow but please contact emma@justwheels.org.uk if you are interested.  If you could give some indication of numbers and names that would be helpful.