How Can You Help?


Donate: You can donate any amount via The Big Give or via Paypal.  On Paypal, you may also set-up a monthly regular donation but you will require a Paypal account in order to do this.  You can click to create a Paypal account

Sponsor a wheelchair or tricycle: you will hear directly who will receive that equipment and how their life has changed.

Volunteer with us: help us grow in the UK through helping promote the organisation, run an event or many other ways.

By donating your money or time to Just Wheels, you can be assured you will make a massive difference to somebody’s life.

Donate via The Big Give – one-off donations only:

Donate via Paypal – including regular monthly donations with a Paypal account:

What will your donation go towards?

Just Wheels in the UK is run by volunteers so every pound Just Wheels raises goes towards a wheelchair or tricycle for an individual.

To simply assess, fit and supply a wheelchair made to appropriate standards in Tanzania costs around £230. A tricycle is around £175.

We are aiming to secure a grant and larger-scale funding to support the development of a local workshop facility and further physiotherapy services in Tabora.

We’re also looking for the funding to cover staff costs in Tanzania for developing new projects and relationships and for building partnerships, marketing, and PR costs in the UK to enable the charity to help more and more people.