Hope in motion

Together to Tanzania

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters taking part in the Together to Tanzania event.  If you wish to join the journey from Aberfeldy to Tabora then please join up. If running, walking or cycling is not your thing then please make a donation to support those taking...

Emma and her family raise money for Just Wheels emergency fund

Emma and family raise £1400 for emergency fund.

Corra Foundation support Emergency Fund

Thanks to the Corra Foundation for a donation of £500 towards our emergency fund.  This is buying food, soap and PPE for disabled people and their families in Tabaor.

Emergency Fund

Covid 19 Emergency Fund launched

Just Wheels provides wheelchairs and support to people with physical disabilities in Tanzania.

Just Wheels gives them hope in motion.

Without the ability to move around, life is hard – it’s hard to get educated, hard to work, even hard to socialise.  A set of good-quality wheels can make the world of difference to a person’s life. Just Wheels provides good quality, well-fitted wheelchairs to individuals in need, giving them hope and a future.

What makes us different? Sustainability

Just Wheels not only raises money to provide wheelchairs designed specifically to cater to the needs of their users but also provides support to improve sustainability in the areas we work in.

This includes ongoing wheelchair maintenance, physiotherapy and support to get disabled individuals into school or training for work.

Furthermore, we are also intending to build a centre in Tabora which would accommodate a wheelchair workshop and physiotherapy services in order to ensure the work we do has a long-term impact.